Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can be found in multi-occupancy pest control Hastingsbuildings with a large resident turnover, such as hostels, holiday homes and flats.

The adult resembles a small brown disc, about 3.5mm long. It is wingless but the legs are well developed so it can crawl up most vertical surfaces, such as bed legs. They also produce a characteristic unpleasant smell.

Bedbugs are a real pest to humans because they feed on our blood. They feed mostly at night while we are asleep. Their bite can cause severe local irritation and itching. There is also a possibility of secondary infection. Where the infestation is very high there is a minor risk of anaemia for humans.

A thorough inspection is necessary to establish the source and magnitude of the bedbug infestation. They may have entered through second hand furniture or could even be hiding under wallpaper, where they may have lain unnoticed for several months.

Once found, they should be treated with a residual insecticide. Contaminated bedding should be thoroughly washed. Infested mattresses and bed linen should be inspected and in some cases simply removed from the building, and carefully disposed of, to reduce the risk of potential future sources of infestation.

When treating bed bugs the Exodus Ultra Low Volume System machine helps to flush out the insects from their harbourages, after the residual insecticide spray treatment has been carried out, enabling re-entry to the treated area after only one hour.

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