Common Brown Rat

Brown rats are between 19-28 cm in length as well as tpest control Eastbourneheir tail, which is 60% of the body length. They weigh from 100 to 500 grams. Rats can carry over thirty different diseases dangerous to humans, including Weil's disease, typhus, and salmonella. Control:
Removal of their food source is a key factor for successful rodent control. They eat approximately one tenth of their body weight each day, which is 25 pounds of food per year for every rat. They drink approximately 60 ml per day per adult brown rat.

Sealing rat entry points into the building is of primary importance. Secondly, it is vital that there are no food and sources of clean drinking water i.e. a dripping outside tap, that would serve to attract rats to come close to your building / home.

Finally, a poison baiting program should be considered to remove a persistent local rat population. This would involve typically three visits. Poison bait would be safely secured to prevent all but the pest rats from obtaining access, The follow up visit would entail refreshing and replenishing the bait and remove dead rodent bodies, where accessible. The final visit would be to remove the poison bait from the treatment site for safe disposal and any further dead rat bodies.

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