Fleas are only about 2mm, without wings, are redpest control east Sussex-brown and have legs made for jumping.

Adult fleas feed on blood. It can be very irritating around the bite. People react differently to a bite in terms of reaction and time taken to react.

However, on occasion there is infact no bite but a static shock prickling sensation caused by synthetic carpet fibres and the friction caused by those walking over it.

Because vibrations trigger the adults to emerge from the pupae, when people enter empty premises where infested cats previously lived, the human hosts can suffer significant attack.

Primarily identify the primary hosts, such as cats or dogs, and give them the recommended treatments form your vet. An insecticide should then be applied according to the vets instructions or the instruction information found on the flea treatment packaging / label.

In addition Enviro-Pest Solutions advise our customers that the living areas should then be treated with a residual insecticide.

Contact us as our expertise helps us to help you. Health and safety is paramount when dealing with nuisance pests.