House Mouse

The adult house mouse is small: about 1-2 inches long, Pest Control East Sussexexcluding its tail. They have large ears, a pointed nose and small eyes. The tail is as long as the head and body together. Its fur is typically a light grey or brown.

They seek the warmth and cover of buildings for nesting sites and food.

They are identified from their dark droppings or damage to stored foods, packaging or woodwork.

They can badly damage plastic water and gas pipes, electric cables, packaging and woodwork. Mice have caused countless electrical fires and floods.

Sealing entry points, which could involve a gap as little as 10mm, or the diameter of a ball point pen. Removing the source of food and finally destruction must be considered as part of a program of mouse control. Poison bait and or "break back" traps should not be considered as the first and only means of obtaining control against mice.

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