Garden Ants

The most common ants are the Black Garden Ants,  Brighton pest controlwhich are very dark brown. The worker ants that tend to enter properties in search of food are 3 to 5mm in length.

All ants have the three divisions of the body (head, thorax and abdomen) clearly separated by very thin waists. They also have a sharp join in their antennae.

Black Ants usually nest in soil but can also be found living under paving stones and concrete. They become a pest when foraging. The workers may enter premises looking for sweet foodstuffs in food preparation areas

Following the trail of workers back to the nest is the most successful way of finding the source of the infestation.

Seeking and destruction of the nest. Sweet gel baits, that are poisonous to the ants, are carried back by the workers to the nest to feed the queen.

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