Grey Squirrels

Squirrels are 35 to 53cm in length and weigh around 550 to 750g. ThBrighton pest control,ey have grey-brown fur.

They are mainly found in mixed woodland, and in the autumn in hedgerows, gardens, and fields away from woods.

They damage tree bark, particularly sycamore and beech.

Grey Squirrels will sometime use the loft void area as a nesting site. The plentiful supply of insulation material is ideal for a suitable such site. After they have made the over large hole in the soffit box, to enable ease of access in to your loft, they become a potential hazzard! They can gnaw through electrical cables, much as mice and rats will do, and if their urine dribbles onto a live copper wire this can cause a spark.
Incidentally they can also shred any belongings that are being stored in the loft too.

We employ a humane and very quick Kania despatch trap, which is a condition of the Animal and Welfare Act 2006. This is a professional system that destroys this pest and can be used when these pests are present in your loft space.

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